Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll be Back!

I know I know, I haven't posted in aaaages. Which means, I kinda stopped P90X-ing. However, this is only a temporary break. I promise! With the renovations going on, there really isn't a room that I can work out in. Besides, it being summer and all, it's so much nicer to be outside running and biking! I take comfort in knowing that I have my faithful P90X video to keep me company and bring me back to Ab-Ripping shape come winter time.

My abs have by the way, turned into a mini muffin top!

Oh well!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh Dearie Me

My impending move from my beloved digs to my aunt's and the accompanying packing and selling of my entire apartment contents have resulted in ZERO P90X this past week. Well I started some Yoga because I was so desperate for a stretch, but had to get back to packing halfway into the workout, so it doesn't count. I am missing P90X like crazy and here I am sitting down in front of the puter and whining about it! :p

Hopefully with my new custom insoles from HUKM (picked em up today), I'll be able to get back into Plyometrics and do the entire workout without feeling the need to hold back... but I'll pick up from where I left off next week Monday. The good thing is that I still have muscles, and they should still work when I get back on Monday hee hee. Okie, back to packing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 58 Already?

Tuesday, 14 Feb. I can't believe I'm nearly two-thirds done with P90X. Today was supposed to be Plyometrics, but I made the call to skip it so as not to enrage my plantar fasciitis. (I know I know it seems weird to attribute human qualities to this foot affliction of mine, but the PF seems to have taken on a life of its own and I now find the need talk to my feet every day, hoping to persuade them to work again).

For my Valentine's date, I got hot and heavy with Obi, also known as Pseudotrainer. Hopefully PF would not be annoyed! We watched "Hanna" throughout the 1.5 hr workout, and generally enjoyed each others' company. Well, at least I enjoyed his company. So nice, no talking back, strong silent type, really knows how to work my quads, and don't comment anything while watching movie. I made sure to stretch afterwards.

Breakfast: 4 eggs, Lunch: chicken soup with fixins, Snack: fish jerky, cream, brownie, Dinner: chicken salad, Dessert: brownie, cream, Supper: 4 eggs.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I did 100 Push Ups!

Firstly, my Happy News of the Day - I don't have borderline osteoporosis anymore and in the normal range for bone density! The corticosteroids taken from age 24 till 36 (finally successfully weaned off 3 months ago) caused bone loss, so the bone density scans at 28 and 32 were worrying. I feel very encouraged with today's result, and hopeful to increase bone density even more now. :D

Day 55 (Sat, 11 Feb). Yoga was a relief to do, although I usually do everything I can to postpone starting it. At 1.5 hrs this is the longest workout in P90X and I just don't like long workouts. The issue lies with the timing of my eats. I gotta eat every couple hours (3-4 hrs) so I don't get hypoglycaemic-like. And I can't eat 2 hrs before any workout. With my lunch time at noon, and maybe a snack at 4 pm, I need to start yoga at 6 pm to not bonk during that long session. But I usually can't start till 7 or 8 pm. And I inevitably feel too hungry at about mid-point when Tony is putting me through the dreaded Reverse Half Moon. :p  Anyway, I am pleased to report that I can not only grab both feet sitting down leaning forward, my nose is mere inches away from my patella!! Not too shabby considering I could barely touch my toes on Day 1. Also massaged some prime athlete specimens for 2 hours - good upper body workout heh.

Day 56 (Sun, 12 Feb). Glad the I scheduled the workouts to have Sunday as Rest or X-Stretch. It's worked out well for most part because Sundays are normally very busy for me. I made Ken & Justin's birthday cake today with Alp's help. Oh, and I massaged willing family members for 2.5 hours.

Day 57 (Mon, 13 Feb). Chest and Back plus Ab Ripper. I was trepidaceous of doing this workout. It calls for all these push ups and pull ups and doubles of everything. So after I give it a good effort first round, I need to dig deeper for Round 2, and match what I did in Round 1. While I was surprised that I could do 10 pushups without going on my knees, I questioned if I could repeat in Round 2. I struggled, but largely succeeded! Round 1 saw me doing these:
  1. Standard pushups: 10 full, 10 on knees (I still can't go all the way down, but am getting deeper)
  2. Wide Front Pull-Ups: 5 from standing, 5 assisted (remember my pull up bar is set low, so I wouldn't be able to do 5 full pull ups if the bar is set higher).
  3. Military Push-Ups: 10 full
  4. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 7 + 3
  5. Wide Fly Push-Ups: 10 full
  6. Close Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: 5+3
  7. Decline Push-Ups: 10 
  8. Heavy Pants: 27 with 2.5 kg weights
  9. Diamond Push-Ups: 10
  10. Lawnmowers: 17 with 5 kg weights
  11. Dive-Bomber Push-Ups: 6
  12. Back Flyes: 20 with 4 kg weights
Round 2 was much the same but felt so much harder. I did the Diamond Push-Ups on my knees and tried to go deeper, I upped the weights to 4kg for Heavy Pants. 

Grand total about 100 Pushups and 34 Pull Ups. 
I would have puked if I had had anything in my tummy. But since I didn't, I just burped a LOT. And I paused whenever I felt faint (in Round 2). For the first time I saw a huge long vein running all the way down my bicep from armpit to inner elbow. I had nothing left in my arms after.

Then I had to do Ab Ripper! Groan! All the core work in Chest and Back previously left with me zilch for Ab Ripper, but it was actually not bad at all today haha. Feeling very satisfied, I went and ate a huge meal.

Breakfast: Chicken porridge, Snack: Some rice cakes (a bit too sweet but that's the problem with eating out), Snack: 4 eggs, Lunch: 3 egg omelette with 1 cup of fresh slightly sweet cream, Dinner: Chicken soup with fixins. That omelette lunch was kinda out there. I woke starving from my lunch time nap, had nothing easy to fix up, and decided to make a creamy souffle like omelette, which I put down with a LOT of cream. I somehow managed to digest it. And it tasted good!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Stretch-a-roo and Core plus Bonus!

Day 53 (Thu, Feb 9). X-stretch, and at the end I worked on my front split. Decided to add 'Do A Split' to my resolutions for 2012 :). It's gonna be a tough one. Ouch.

Day 54 (Fri, Feb 10). Core Synergistics. I felt quite sluggish going into Core. I've felt sluggish the entire week. I even took naps every afternoon this week, which I haven't done in months since I weaned off the steroids. Something's definitely up, and will need to be more careful taking care of myself. As usual once I got warmed up, no problems - I got in a good workout. I've come to welcome the burn and slight breathlessness that comes when just starting out, because I know once I get warmed up, the burn disappears and I breathe easier. After Core, I had a huge dinner. Feeling fortified and with energy to spare, I assembled my Pseudotrainer (pic here) and spent 30 minutes spinning. I wish I'd done it sooner! It's definitely going to take the edge of my not being able to run. So nice to feel my muscles ache! These plantar fasciitis stretches, and the ice, and massages, are not as effective as I had hoped. Anything with impact aggravates it, even walking. I hesitate to even to do the jumping jacks Tony does in the workouts. Breakfast: 4 eggs, Lunch: Poached chicken with white rice, Snack: Chicken soup with fixins, Dinner: Huge poached chicken salad, Dessert: Brownie, Supper: 4 eggs.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back on Track!

Due to the extremely busy weekend, I slipped one more workout behind, although I managed to get Legs & Back + Ab Ripper done on Monday evening. When I realized that this week is 'Recovery Week', I decided to let the two missed sessions (Yoga & Kenpo) slide :)

Day 51 (7 Feb, Tues). Core Synergistics. Was just as tough and fun as always. Been feeling run down from lack of sleep. Will have to reprioritize, probably reduce the hours spent giving all these free massages :)

Day 52 (8 Feb, Weds). Kenpo. Also felt a bit tired doing Kenpo today. But managed to get through the entire workout without passing out. I feel like I need to get more cardio in. And since I can't run yet, I'm going to get back on the elliptical. Can do that while editing the work papers. Breakfast: 4 eggs, Snack: slice papaya, Lunch: Chicken soup, pork meatballs, liver, veggies, eggs, Snack: Poached chicken salad with olives, Dinner: Chicken soup with the usual fixings plus a handful of rice noodles, Dessert: Fish jerky, Huge serving of gluten free brownies.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stop the Slide :p

Monday and Tuesday were max full days (Sports Massage Course). Got back too late on Monday to do 'Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Ab Ripper'.... so I did that on Tuesday instead. At the moment all the workouts are pushed back a day. I don't like it. I like Sunday to be 'Rest or X Stretch'. I did Plyometrics on Wednesday (instead of Tuesday). Both Plyo and Chest were really hard for me, probably due to lack of sleep (sleeping at my parents') and also still felt the effects of the MMR jabs (sorethroat-ey). 

Today, I had planned to do two workouts, to get myself back on track... but that didn't happen. However, I am very happy with just 'Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper'. I didn't have time to do Yoga. I'm getting better with the pull ups and chin ups! And I think the assisted pull ups/chin ups are allowing me to get more reps in, making me stronger. The last time I did 'Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper', I bonked during Ab. At that time I felt this combo was the toughest in the P90X series because pull ups really work the core, and to follow with Ab was kinda impossible. 

Not today. :D

I went all out on Back, and surprised myself by doing better on Ab! 

I threw myself at the pull up bar with utter abandon. And I did the myriad curls till my arms were trembling. This is where keeping records is helping me push myself a bit more. I try to match what I did previously, and if I feel able, I do a little more. When I saw that I wrote down 16 assisted pull ups last time, this time I did as many unassisted ones as I could, then switched to assisted effort to reach 16. 

I am SO CHUFFED that I crushed Ab Ripper today. Pfifer Scissors, my former nemesis, is actually doable now. I just dial into the lovely hypnotic beat music they play, and tune out the pain and protesting coming from my abdominal area, and wallah, it's done! 

Eating: Not been eating the best, since Monday was mostly eating out, but tried to stay low carb. Today: Breakfast: 4 eggs, Lunch: poached chicken with white rice, Snack: poached chicken with salad, Dinner: chicken soup with pork, liver, 2 eggs, veggies, Dessert: oat bar, pancake.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can't Kenpo :\

Day 41 (Sat, Jan 28). Was supposed to do  Kenpo, but was too tired after the PD swim and etc. So postponed to Sun :). Breakfast: 4 eggs, Snack: Vegetarian rice, Lunch: Chicken and fishball noodles, Dinner: Poached chicken, cucumber, satay, Dessert: Ice kacang :D

Day 42 (Sun, Jan 29). Did 42 minutes of Kenpo, had to skip the last 16 minutes to grab a bite before going to Cheras. Oh boy, it was tough. Tougher than normal. My entire body is achy and sore. It's probably that triple MMR jab I got the other day. I did the best I could. :p Breakfast: 4 eggs, Lunch: Chicken soup with minced pork, liver and veggies, Snack: Fish jerky, Dinner: Jun Kee yee sang, roast duck, pork, chicken, tofu, egg, veg, Dessert: 2 cookies, small piece choc.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Days 39 & 40. Yoga & BONK :\

Day 39 (Jan 26 Thu). Yoga was the usual good stuff. I managed plough for the first time - touched the floor with my tippy toes and didn't break my neck :). Even attempted crane for a bit. I don't know when I'm going to be able to do that half moon and twisting half moon pose. Hopefully by Day 90...  Breakfast 4 eggs, Lunch: Steak (rare) and salad, Dinner: Poached chicken salad.

Day 40 (Jan 27 Fri). Today was the day I ran out of steam. I attribute that to not eating properly or on time all day (fasting blood test lor). I can't think of a more killer combo than 'Legs & Back' followed by Ab Ripper. I went all out with the pull ups - I'd do my max reps unassisted then a few more assisted. Started feeling light-headed halfway through :p. Pull ups/chin ups (what's the diff?) take a lot outa me. Since they involve so much core, by the time Ab Ripper came along I was half-dead. I did as much as I could, which wasn't very much and collapsed in a sodden steaming heap when Tony yelled 'DONE'. Breakfast: none (fasting for blood test), Lunch: 4 eggs, Snack: small chicken salad, 2 cookies, piece of brownie, half egg sandwich, Dinner: Chicken soup with minced pork, eggs, liver and veggies.

Alp called to let me know he was on Day 2 of P90X and he was crazy excited about how tough the workouts were, especially Ab Ripper. Enthusiasm is infectious  :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days 37 & 38: Plyo & Back & Biceps plus the usual AB RIPPER :D

Day 37 Plyometrics was procrastinated upon until 9 pm. I just wasn't sure if I should even do it, because I didn't want to aggravate the plantar fasciitis (which seems to be diminishing gradually, I think in large part due to my modified sleep position). After weighing the pros ('will feel awesome', 'need the workout', 'need to check the X in Workout Manager') and the cons ('possibly worsen pf'), I decided to go for it. Carefully. According to the ortho doc, my history of taking corticosteroids has predisposed me to these kinds of maladies. The steroids deteriorate the fat pads (natural cushion) at the bottom of my feet, and also age the sinew, ligaments, etc (probably includes plantar fascia). I still think my body can heal and maybe reverse some of this aging. We'll see. I managed to do plyo without getting nauseous this time. And I think I'm getting the hang of Rock Star Hops too. And I'm grateful my knees are still somehow not hurting too badly, allowing me to get deeper into the lunges and squats. Breakfast: 4 eggs, Lunch: A. ruth's beef stew, cabbage, Snack: pineapple tart, mandarin orange, Dinner: lontong, char chee yoke, kow yoke, herbal chicken, Supper: 4 eggs.

Day 38: Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper. I dragged my elliptical machine into the bathroom so I could rest my foot on it for assisted pull ups. (The pull up bar is installed at the bathroom door :D). So I managed to get a couple more reps in today, rather than being done at 4. I hadn't gotten around to getting/buying more weights yet, but managed to find a decent burn with the 2.5 kgs. The 15 minute Ab Ripper is still my favorite part of P90X. I worked my way up to more than 300 moves now, and when I hit 339, I'll modify some of them to make them tougher! Right now I'm doing the easiest versions of all the moves hehe. Breakfast: 4 eggs, Lunch: Sushi Tei (nearly ate a cockroach leg yikes), Snack: 3 eggs, fish jerky, sweet meat, popcorn, Dinner: poached chicken and soup, snack: 2 cookies.